Posted May 20, 2020 by Sam in Recipes

Toblerone Tiffin

We still have an enormous Toblerone to eat, so here’s another recipe! You can, of course, use whatever chocolate you have available. Also your choice of biscuits will make it unique too. I used what we had in the cupboard, along with dried fruits too.

Toblerone Tiffin

125g Toblerone, chopped

125g biscuits, crushed (I used digestives, crunch creams and Biscoff)

75g butter

45g dried fruit, chopped if large (I used dates and cranberries)

25g soft brown sugar

1 tbsp. golden syrup


Make 16 small squares

Line a container with baking paper, I used a metal tin approximately 15 cm square. You could use a loaf tin or something similar.

In a large bowl place the crushed biscuits and dried fruit. I made sure I had a mix of crumbs and chunks when I crushed the biscuits.

In a small/medium saucepan, very gently melt the chocolate, butter, sugar, golden syrupToblerone Tiffin and butter. Make sure you stir regularly to ensure it all melts evenly and doesn’t catch. You could do this in a bain marie if you prefer. Once it’s melted pour in the mixing bowl with the dry ingredients and mix together.

Place the mix in the prepared container, spread until fairly even but don’t completely crush it down, it’s nice to have chunky bits. Place in the fridge to set, use a sharp knife to portion. Enjoy ♥