Posted December 31, 2012 by Sam in Foodie Chat

Confessions of a food blogger……



Well you may know that I love food. I love eating it, baking it, thinking about it.

I started writing up recipes & ramblings just over a year ago and it seems to have taken over.

If you have a similar obsession I’m sure you’ll be able to identify with one or all of the following.

Marking the end of 2012 and chomping at the bit for 2013 to start!


Xmas bun treeYour camera has attachments that are really not supposed to be there, ie. icing sugar, dough, flour etc.

My last camera has been “retired” mostly due to the on/off switch being clogged with stuff. I had to blow down it to switch it on, not good!


Food has to be photographed before being eaten, so meals can sometimes be a little on the cold side

Mostly I photograph the sweet things so it’s not so bad, see I’m looking at the positives!


If you allow something to be eaten that’s just baked it’s always the burnt/ugly/misshapen one

Well that just makes sense, right?!! At least until the photos are taken.peanuthoneyclose

You dream of food and wake up buzzing with ideas or hungry or both

Sad but true. I do have great ideas while asleep or semi conscious, sadly not all remembered……Trufflenutter

Where you sit when you eat out needs to have enough natural light to ensure a great photo for your Twitter/Facebook/blog page or you have to carry the plate to a window/outside to achieve aforementioned photo!

Don’t eat out that often, but when I do I often find I’ll be “styling” the food so it looks good! bourbons2_thumb1

No pieces of paper with any scrawling can be recycled until they’ve been scrutinised to ensure they don’t contain that amazing recipe or ingredient list that you can’t live without.

Just can’t risk it, recipes in chaos but I tend to have to write on what’s at hand at the time, albeit an envelope, cardboard box etc.


When asked to describe yourself it usually starts with I love food………..

Here’s to another feast & friendship filled year. Thanks for all your lovely messages and for taking the time to stop by and say “Hi” from time to time. Without you I’d just be talking to myself (actually I do that too already!) ♥