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Royal Ascot Ladies Day Outing 2012

Ascot1I was recently very lucky and had the opportunity of having a day at the races with some very good friends.

Royal Ascot has a long history starting over 300 year ago and tradition is at the heart of this wonderful event.

Ascot11My 3 friends & I had never been before so were all very excited. The planning had started some months back, including transport & food arrangements (we like to get the priorities right!). Obviously dressing up for the day out was something we were looking forward to doing too, although we were in the Silver Ring and the dress code is relaxed, pretty much everyone there made a real effort with their appearance.

Left picture was how I started the day looking, on the right during the rainy bits! I was still smiling though.

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There is a huge attendance to Ascot over the week and traffic queues are common. We were held up a little getting to our designated car park but nothing outrageous, Gill booked the tickets and had picked a car park near to the Silver Ring entrance which meant it wasn’t too far to walk on our heels!

the girlsIt was very busy inside and we looked around for somewhere to sit, we managed to find an empty picnic bench not too far away from the race track and near to one of the large screens that broadcast all the action.

Of course I was starving when we arrived so we decided to tuck into the picnic, what a great spread we had and lots of Prosecco to go with it!



Unfortunately the weather wasn’t at it’s best but with a few ponchos and umbrellas we managed to stay fairly dry & warm. There was a lovely atmosphere among the crowds and a real buzz when something was happening. Lots of cheering and clapping when the Queen went by proceeding the start of racing. We all placed bets for each race using a system of a quick look at previous form (see I know all the terms!) and if we liked the name then that helped! We had a few wins along the way between us, which was nice.


For the last race we packed up and went right along side the track, great to see the horses thundering passed us. We then started our way back to the car park. We passed quite a few limos stuck in the mud in the car park next to our, it was then I realised that was why there were tractors dotted around, as they were being used to pull them out! The traffic wasn’t too bad getting out and we stopped at an Italian restaurant for dinner before heading home, which seemed the perfect way to finish our wonderful day out.

I highly recommend Royal Ascot and especially Ladies Day, get together with your pals and make a visit next year! ♥

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