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Almond & Lemon Crunch Top Biscuits

almond & lemon biscuits crunchI love citrus flavoured cakes & biscuits. Here’s a really easy & delicious biscuit I made primarily because I wanted to try my lemon yellow crunch sprinkles I received from Jo at www.justbake.co.uk
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They would look & taste equally as fab on cupcakes too!

Gav is none too keen on lemon flavoured things (although strangely he loves lemon meringue pie…..) so I iced most but left a few un-iced for him, he really liked the naked biscuits he said they were a great texture and only a hint of lemon.

To print the recipe open the link below

almond & lemon biscuits

Almond & Lemon Crunch Top Biscuits

Makes about 24

Biscuit bit

100g soft butter/spread

150g Caster sugar

100g plain flour

100g ground almonds

½ tsp baking powder

Zest of one large lemon

1½ tbsp lemon juice


Icing bit

100g icing sugar

1½ tbsp lemon juice

Lemon yellow crunch sprinkles http://www.justbake.co.uk/product/lemon-yellow-crunch-cupcake-sprinkles-559

Preheat the oven 170°C (fan 150°C)

Grease/line 2 baking sheets

almond & lemon biscuits coolingBiscuit bit

Cream the butter & sugar until light & fluffy. Add the rest of the biscuit ingredients and mix to a stiff dough.

Take heaped teaspoonful’s of the mix and roll into balls and place on the baking tray. Flatten slightly.

Bake for about 20 minutes until light golden. The longer you bake the crunchier the end biscuit. Personally I prefer crunch on the outside and a slight chewy texture in the centre with these.

Leave on the baking tray for a few minutes to firm up then transfer to a cooling rack.

almond & lemon biscuits icingIcing

Once the biscuits are cool make the icing. Sieve the icing sugar into a small bowl add the lemon juice and mix well to form a smooth icing. It needs to be runny enough to spread but not too runny that it oozes everywhere! Add more icing sugar if it’s too runny or more lemon juice if it’s too stiff until you reach the right consistency.

Spoon on the biscuits and spread around, then sprinkle with sprinkles! Allow to set and then store in a tin. They will keep for about a week.

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