Posted October 11, 2011 by Sam in Recipes

Easy Brownie Pops

brownie pops

Brownies are a huge favourite for my family & friends so they get made on a fairly regular basis. I just love the squishy deep chocolate chunks of gorgeousness!

They are great with a cup of coffee, wonderful as a dessert heated through and served with vanilla ice cream. They’re easy to make & they freeze well.


This time when I made them I thought I’d see how well they work as an easy cake pop. As it turns out they’re pretty good!

brownie pop naked


Making your own brownies means that you get a great controllable result. They should be lovely and moist. I don’t use nuts in mine as my family are not too keen but in a pop they may not give a nice smooth finish. So best avoided.

After cooling, I put mine in the fridge and then rolled them into balls and inserted a lolly stick about half way.

I then put them into the freezer for about half an hour.



Next stage is to melt some chocolate. I used dark. I also like to have any decorations I’m going to use out and readybrownie pops bits to use.

I used little rice pops covered in chocolate on some. For these I dipped the naked pops in the melted chocolate, gently tapped off the excess then sprinkled them on while the chocolate was still wet.

I also drizzled white chocolate on some. These were done when the dark chocolate had set on the pops.


One of the problems with cake pops is storage. You need something to stand the pop sticks in so they stay balanced, especially while they’re setting. I have a lolly display box that a friend very kindly gave me after the lollies had been sold! Works a treat. You could use a chunk of polystyrene too.

So there you go, very easy brownie pops!brownie pop