Posted April 29, 2012 by Sam in Recipes

Biscuit Necklaces (perfect for rainy days)

necklace bics2It was Frey’s birthday this week and she wanted a sleepover with a few of her closest friends.

I thought she may like a few things to keep them amused (and stop them texting for a few brief moments!) So I asked if she thought they would enjoy decorating some small biscuits to make a necklace.


I know it seems a little “young” for a bunch of 14 year olds but also know they like to do fun “kitsch” thing too. It got a big thumbs up and it proved to be a real hit.

necklace bics3


Remember those rock hard candy necklaces you used to get (and probably still can)? These are way better and actually properly edible!

cuttersI made a chocolate biscuit dough and then cut out smallish cookies from the fab set of cutters that Gav got me for Christmas (so useful for all sorts of things!) I then a small cut out for the centre.

On some I used the smallest cutter to do this, others I used a drinking straw.




necklace bics makingBaked as normal. Then stacked on plates ready to be decorated.

I laid out plates with cookies and then put loads of sprinkles & glitter in the centre of the table, also some ribbons for threading later.


They had a few bags of icing to act as “glue” and away they went.



necklace bics

Out of the 4 only 2 got made into a necklace of sorts as the other 2 managed to scoff them as they made them! But whatever the end result was, they had fun & giggles as the rain lashed down outside!

necklace bics4