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Compost Cookies & Pear Shaped by Stella Newman

bookI love reading almost as much as I love eating….almost. So what could be better then a book with food things in!

Pear Shaped by Stella Newman is a great read. I was hooked from the start and loved the rollercoaster journey through the story right to the end.

Girl meets boy, boy seems too good to be true, girl goes a little crazy, and lots of food gets eaten, great combination.

One of the treats that were mentioned in the book was Compost Cookies. I know the name does not sound particularly appetising but bare with me.

The recipe is here https://www.facebook.com/notes/pear-shaped/compost-cookie-recipe/322897261074406

You get to vary the ingredients according to what you have in the cupboard or fancy at the time. So each time you bake these they will be different. The mix of crisps & chocolate I thought sounded strange but it actually works so well. The salt/sweet yin & yang is perfect!

compost cookie doughcompost cookies 2

I made one batch but made them a lot smaller so I got way more then the suggested 12.

This meant I had loads to give out as samples.

I found it best to let people try them first before revealing the name & the contents.

My daughter Frey, who apparently has gone off cakes & biscuits, ate 3 and almost had to be removed from the biscuit tin. So these were very popular!

I highly recommend the book and also trying out the cookie recipe :o)

compost cookies 1