Posted November 1, 2016 by Sam in Food Photography

Mini Break to Lacock, Wiltshire.


My other half, Gavin, and I recently had a cheeky mid week break away to Lacock in Wiltshire.

It’s somewhere I had heard about for a while and at last managed to get a couple of nights booked for late September.

The village is stunning and rather unique being almost entirely owned by The National Trust. This means it has an unspoiled appearance.

I did lots of research on somewhere to stay and decided in the village itself was where I wanted to be. There are just a handful of places as it’s only a small village and I chose the Lacock Pottery B&B. The reviews are brilliant and it looked my sort of old and quirky!


The hosts Simone and David are lovely, so interesting and friendly and very knowledgeable on all sorts, especially the local area as they’ve lived there for over 30 years.

We made friends with Kevin the guinea fowl that seems to have adopted the pottery as his home (or her no-one is sure!).

We had candlelit breakfasts in front of an open fire, this felt so special and very indulgent! With homemade bread and jams this was a particular highlight.

We visited the Abbey which was beautiful and also boasts the Fox Talbot Museum (photographic negative inventor) and generally relaxed and enjoyed the break.

There were little stalls to buy things from outside houses; I ended up with snacks, flowers and books to take home. Also a few gift shops and of course the stunning houses and streets to wander along.

Because there was a distinct lack of street lights (unlike home as we live close to Gatwick airport) we used torches in the darker areas in the evening but also Gavin took this as an opportunity to take a few star trail images. This involved sitting in the church yard in the pitch black and resulted in some amazing images.


Two nights was the perfect amount of time to relax and sample the local delights. We left with homemade wine and a box full of apples from our hosts. Check out my  Pookies recipe made with some of the apples. I highly recommend Lacock and staying at the pottery was perfect. ♥