Posted October 23, 2016 by Sam in Food Photography

Pouring Spoons Food Photography Video

I had great fun creating these images and putting it in to a video for Essential Photo using some of their brilliant Pixapro Glowpad lights. Excellent slim LED light panels that are battery operated which makes them super portable.



All the messy stuff was done before videoing, testing consistency and balancing spoons were definitely the hardest and stickiest bits! Worth practising and making sure you use items that wipe clean easily. We fashioned a box (from discarded packaging) using bluetack to secure the spoons as they need to be able to withhold whatever you’re pouring on to them.

You could use this idea to create your own food ‘art’ images using honey, sauce, syrups etc. Just have a test run with pouring first to make sure you have a good flow and catch what you pour underneath so you can keep recycling. Enjoy ♥