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Food Photography Workshop

Great food deserves some great photos and that’s what you’ll be taking on this food photography workshop. If you’re a home baker, food blogger or just like to share your best bakes on social media then this workshop is for you. High quality photography is also the backbone of any business and if that sounds like you, you’ll be right at home on this workshop.

Of course it’s not as simple as pointing your camera at good looking food and as you’ll discover during the workshop, props, backgrounds and camera settings all play their part in creating a photo that looks amazing. The role of post processing or editing your photos is vital too and you’ll learn some simple tricks to improve your images using Photoshop Elements software.


This is a “hands on” workshop with lots of learning by doing rather then watching. We’ll be photographing various baked goods during the day, all of which will be provided by us. All you need to do is bring your camera and get involved.

Saturday 9th May 2015

£99.00 per person

This workshop is subject to our Terms and Conditions

The workshop will cover…

  • What camera settings will work to get the best out of your camera
  • How light plays a vital part in good pictures
  • What makes a good photo and what doesn’t
  • How to create easy backgrounds out of things you have at home
  • Styling tips and tricks to make the best of your baked goods
  • Post processing to enhance your images ready for social media and websites

Places Available – There will be a maximum of 9 spaces available
Location – Copthorne, West Sussex
Duration – Approximately 5 Hours including a lunch break (10:30 am Start Time)
More information – please Contact us stating your interested in the Food Photography Workshop
Other Information –  You’ll need a DSLR style camera to get the most from this workshop. A mobile phone or basic compact camera is NOT suitable.

This workshop is subject to our Terms and Conditions

F.A.Q.’s about this workshop.
Before you decide to book take a look at the questions and answers below to help give you a little bit more of an insight into what to expect.

Who will be running the workshop?
Sam Hoey (www.samskitchen.net) and Gavin Hoey (www.gavtrain.com) will be leading the workshops.

Who is the workshop aimed at?
This workshop is suitable for anyone who takes photos for their food blog, baking business, Facebook or social media and wants their photos to stand out from the crowd. We’ll be working with baking and bread items which will all be provided for you.

Where is the workshop located?
This workshop will in Copthorne, West Sussex. The hall is located a few minutes from the M23 motorway and has plenty of free parking.

What time does the workshop start?
We suggest arriving at around 10.15 for a 10.30 start.

Are refreshments included?
Tea or coffee will be available. You’ll need to bring you’re own lunch as there are no shops or restaurants in the near vicinity.

What will I need to bring?
For this workshop a Digital SLR style camera and a standard zoom lens (e.g 18-70mm) is ideal. If you are unsure if your camera is suitable please contact sales@gavtrain.com
We are unable to loan out cameras and lenses.

Can I just use my mobile phone?
iPhones and the like have great cameras but when it comes to food photography they’re not up to the job. DSLR style camera have interchangeable lenses and large sensors which all help to achieve those lovely blurry backgrounds you see in food photos.

Can I contact you?
If you would like to speak to Sam to book or ask a question then you are welcome to call 01342 717428. If no one is available to take your call please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Alternatively you can send Sam an email sales@gavtrain.com

Can you recommend somewhere to stay?
We have many people who travel long distances to be with us. The nearest large town is Crawley but the venue is also fairly close to Gatwick airport, which means there’s no shortage of places to stay and a wide variety of prices to choose from. If you would like to include an overnight stay with your visit please take a look at the excellent information provided by Trip Advisor. London: Gatwick Hotels

Do you have any tips to get the most from the workshop?
Tip 1: Make sure you bring plenty of spare memory cards and batteries (or charger)
Tip 2: Don’t buy a new piece of equipment just to attend the course, you may not need it.
Tip 3: Don’t panic if you get held up. Just give a call and let us know.
Tip 4: Don’t expect every shot to be perfect. The workshop is all about learning and that means making mistakes
Tip 5: Do have an open mind, everyone’s taste in photography is different.