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Lamington Biscuits

I’ve made lamingtons in the past, I’m a big fan, I really love coconut and with the chocolate it’s a win win!

I thought a biscuit version would be nice, incorporating vanilla, coconut and chocolate flavours. The biscuit is buttery and light, Viennese style. I used coconut, toasted coconut and crushed amaretti biscuits for toppings, we had a few of each. Great if you have a non-coconut fan as I have here.

Lamington coconut and cup

Download printable recipe here Lamington style biscuits

Lamington style biscuits

Biscuit bit

125g soft butter

25g icing sugar

½ tsp baking powder

115g plain flour

½ tsp vanilla extract

Chocolate coating bit

125g icing sugar

15g cocoa

Small knob of butter (about a tsp)

35 ml milkLamington biscuits toasted

To decorate

25g dessicated coconut (or crushed amaretti biscuits)
I like the coconut toasted, I just spread some on a baking tray and bake for a few minutes on a moderate heat. Keep a check on it and give it a shake mid cooking so it gets an even golden brown colour.

Preheat oven 170°C 150°C Fan GM3 Line/grease 2 baking trays

Biscuit bit

  1. Beat the butter until very soft. Add the icing sugar and vanilla and beat again until light and fluffy. Sieve in the flour and baking powder. Beat again to bring everything together.
  2. Spoon into a piping bag fitted with a nozzle of your choice. I used a star one. Pipe 2 lines of mixture to form a rough square, I wanted a square shape to make it a likeness to the classic Lamington shape in my mind. Make sure you leave space around for them to expand in the oven. Bake for about 10 minutes until starting to turn golden. Allow to cool on the trays.

Lamington piped

Lamington Cooling

Chocolate coating bit

  1. Place all the coating ingredients in a small saucepan over a low/medium heat. Use a whisk to stir through and make sure the mix is smooth and combined. Heat for a few minutes until warmed through but not to boiling. Remove from the heat.

Lamington sprinkledLamington choc








4. As the mixture starts to cool it will harden, so working fairly quickly drizzle over the top of the cooled biscuits and sprinkle with your choice of topping. Allow to set. For extra indulgence you could sandwich 2 together with jam and cream or buttercream. ♥

Lamington amaretti Lamington above