Posted February 8, 2014 by Sam in Recipes

Scrabble tile letters Valentine toppers

scrabble tiles & ribbonI have a bag of Scrabble tiles that come out occasionally for adding to photo’s, which I really like the look of. Then the other day I saw a beautiful wedding cake that had used them, well a sugarpaste version, which looked amazing and I just had to give it a go.

You can use either sugarpaste or florist paste, the latter hardens quicker and as they need to be firm to write on, it works out a quicker way but either works well in the end.

Love tiles

I discovered that not all tiles are the cheapo plastic style of my childhood some are wooden, wow! So when I coloured the paste I added a little brown and did a lazy mix in to give a slight wood grain look. Next roll out, I used some tiles as spacers so I would get round about the same thickness for the paste.

scrabble tile colour       scrabble tiles rolling

cuttersI have a set of little shape cutters and the small square happens to be exactly the same size as a tile so I used that to cut out the squares, I then gently used a finger to smooth the corners a little so they were more rounded then angular.


Then you’ll need to leave them to dry to a fairly hard finish, somewhere they won’t stick to and somewhere flat so they keep their shape. Then, using an edible pen you can add the letters and number score of your choice. To achieve a nice dark black you may need to go over it a few times allowing it to dry in between additions.

Scrabble pen  scrabble tile

They are then ready to adorn your cakes or cookies or brownies or meringues or whatever your lovely creation is! ♥

scrabble love  scrabble sexy cup1

Scrabble cheeky