Posted September 5, 2013 by Sam in Foodie Chat

Chickens! Here come the girls……………..

We used to keep chickens when I was young, lots in a large run. I’ve always wanted to have a few but after seeing that a local farm was rehoming a large batch, the decision was made.

Now our garden is by no means large, but we thought with some clearing and careful planning we’d be able to fit in a small house and run. A massive consideration for the housing type was something that Mr Fox will find too much of a challenge to reach the chickens. I’m hoping this fits the bill as we do have foxes visiting us on occasion.

Chicken run in progress

We collected them on Saturday 31st August. The poor things were rather unceremoniously boxed up and driven home.

Check out the “unboxing” here.

We had our first egg the same day and have had a steady supply since. We have egg boxes for 4 eggs which is perfect.

First egg4 eggs

The internet has been a constant source of information and advice and it’s great to read tips from people with backyard chickens too!


I am trying to find things to keep them entertained, we have a ball which is filled with food and as they roll it round it come out. Once they got the hang of that it was great! I’ve dabbed a large pine cone with peanut butter and sprinkled on bird seed, huge hit! Hung things inside the run for them to reach, all good fun.

ConeChucks pinecone

I love that they are eager to come out in the morning but not making a row, I love that they get their PJ’s on and take themselves to bed when it’s getting dark!

They’re entertaining and real characters. Not shy of us at all and always on the look out for tasty treats.

So say hello to Rusty Russett, Speckle Hen, Terra Cotta & Ginger Spice ♥

The girls