Posted June 30, 2013 by Sam in Foodie Chat

June Foodie Parcel

June foodie parcel


Well it’s that time again, so exciting to receive such a lovely thing through the post!


This is a scheme where you send out a parcel to your foodie “penpal” and receive one back from someone else, details here


This fabulous box of goodies came from Alison, who clearly knows me so well!

Cup & flapjack

The contents were a great mix of things including crunchy mustard powder (looking forward to finding some things to use this in) some chocolate (always welcome) homemade strawberry jam (that I have hidden from Gav as it’s his favourite thing!) and a cookie mix ready to be made (hoping my teen will do the honours this weekend).

homemade strawberry jam

I love the mix of things and the thoughtful homemade goodies which I appreciate so much. ♥

June penpal box