Posted April 19, 2013 by Sam in Foodie Chat

Nákd Bars put to the test

Nakd barsA few weeks back I received an emailed from a distribution company asking if I’d like to try some healthy snack bars. I get a few offers of food & food related things to test and sometimes I don’t feel they are “me”. These, however, were definitely something I was keen to try. These protein bars look interesting!

Despite all the cakes & sweet treats I bake & eat, I do have a good healthy balanced diet (not a cake in each hand type of balanced by the way). I am a vegetarian and I adore fruit & veg just as much as pizza & cake (well almost as much).

Nakd bars say “Our snack bars are made from yummy natural ingredients such as fruits and nuts which are smooshed together for you into a handy bar” great description. They’re also wheat and dairy free if that’s something you need to look out for in a snack.

Nakd bar

The box I received had 2 of each of the 9 flavours. I actually thought I’d prefer the cocoa named bars, shows how wrong you can be……….

My favourites are Cashew Cookie & Gingerbread. That said I also loved Berry Delight. These are great to have as a breakfast on the go or a snack in your handbag just in case. The texture is soft and squishy and I did think maybe a bit of crunch to some may work well, now I see they have a crunch range recently released, so I’ll definitely be trying those!

If you’d like to know more or try some check out their website here Protein Bars

Nakd bars pile