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Sugar Art Hearts (perfect for Valentine’s Day)

red heart cakeI’ve had this idea of heating sugar to get that glassy/jewel look for a while. Well at last I gave it a go. Three attempts in and I produced these beauties.

Three attempts because I tried a sort of freehand heart a few times first and that didn’t go too well.

I adore them. I love the shape (well of course) the fact that each one is unique, with colour air bubbles & variations, like a snowflake (but clearly considerably warmer to produce!)


Here’s how I did it, it’s easy, doesn’t take long and the results are so fab.


I used my grill pan, removed the rack bit and added a few sheets of kitchen roll, this helps to get the cutters in a groove.

Above viewNext I laid on some kitchen foil. I brushed this with a fine coating of vegetable oil. Oil the inside of the cutter, I found this easiest by using my finger dipped in oil. Then lay on your cutter (metal obviously not plastic as this would just melt under the heat).

I used hearts & had a go with the Eiffel Tower. Fiddly bits on a cutter can prove to be a problem (see Eiffel Tower results if you don’t believe me!). So I would stick to shapes without too much details & skinny bits as the sugar is brittle.

Eiffel 3Eiffel 1Eiffel 2

First go at the Eiffel tower, oops nearly got it out.

Second attempt, I am just loving that red colour! But ooops, this is smashing!

Third time lucky…………..nearly there’s a tiny break right near the top doh!

Red sugar


I heated my grill to max and while waiting for it to heat up, I made sure the cutters were pressed in firmly into the foil (this is when it helps to have the kitchen paper underneath) When the sugar melts it can seep under the cutter edge, having it in a groove helps if this happens.

I spread some sugar in the cutters, so there’s about 2-3 mm evenly spread sugar.


I experimented with several different types of sugar to try them out and see if one was better then the others.

Brown sugar didn’t work too well at all.

Coloured sugar (shimmer sugar sprinkles) worked quite well and gave a sort of opaque shimmer look.

I coloured some caster sugar with red gel paste to achieve this fabulous deep red.

I loved this and also the plain granulated sugar. That gave me results that remind me of amber, which I love and have several pieces of jewellery containing (amber not sugar of course).

Pink shimmer cakes  Pink shimmer

Top tip. Do not leave the grill pan unattended, the sugar goes from not ready to burnt really quickly. The whole process takes a few minutes and you remove it from the heat when you’re happy with the colour.

It is VERY HOT so be careful. I placed the whole grill pan on a cooling rack and left it to cool completely before attempting to remove the shapes from the moulds.

Redhearts slateSugarheartart

When they are cool, gently stretch out the cutter, working your way around the outside. Don’t bend the cutter so hard that it goes out of shape but a little pressure helps loosen the sugar shape inside. With a bit of careful jiggling (that’s a technical term) it should be released. You can use these for cupcake decorations, big cakes, cookies, or just to say I love you ♥

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