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Neapolitan Coconut Ice

I love coconut but don’t often use it. It’s been years since I made coconut ice and I thought I’d try and make an easy, quick and delicious recipe which means I won’t leave it years until I make another batch!   What spurr...

Coconut & Lemon Cake

Found myself with a lemon that needed using, well that’s all  the excuse I needed to make this! I love lemon & I love coconut, so this was a sweet delight. I actually found it tasted better the day after it was made, of cou...

Foodie Penpals

May Foodie Penpal Parcel

  As you may remember I joined the Foodie Penpal Scheme recently, detaills if you’d like to find out more Foodie Penpals     This gorgeous box of delights came from Lucy, her blog is here     As you may...
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The Treehouse Lunch Experience

Fanny’s Farm Shop I was recently lucky enough to have afternoon tea in the Treehouse at Fanny’s Farm, Merstham, Surrey. It’s actually not far from where I live but I’d never vis...

Foodie Penpals

Foodie Penpals April 2013

I have recently joined Foodie Penpals. More information here this is for the UK & Europe there’s also a link to the US & Canada one too on this page. A most fantastic idea, send...

Nákd Bars put to the test

A few weeks back I received an emailed from a distribution company asking if I’d like to try some healthy snack bars. I get a few offers of food & food related things to test and sometimes I don’t feel they are ...


Cappuccino Biscuits

I love coffee but rarely make coffee flavoured things as I am surrounded by tea drinkers (I love tea too!) I suppose that is the perfect excuse to make something and scoff the lot really! Anyway, in need of a coffee fix I made ...

Honey Bunny Cakes

I love experimenting in the kitchen especially when the results are delicious. So here’s the result of this weeks playing about. The cakes are delicious with a denser texture then a cupcake with the scrummy addition of ground a...