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Vanilla, chocolate and Peanut Butter Marble Cake

I love marble cake, so easy to make and even easier to eat! I haven’t made it for ages though and thought I’d have a go making one with an extra flavour element to it. Vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter go so well together, n...

Lemon Meringue Flapjacks

I love lemony things and thought a lemon flapjack would be something worth trying out, I decided to add some meringue and also a drizzle of icing, these went down a treat! My family are not over keen on lemon flavour but Gav is...


Neapolitan Sandwich Biscuits

Neapolitan ice cream (well any ice cream) always reminds me of summer. Sometimes I think it’s fun to make something in a slightly different way, so here are some Neapolitan Biscuits! The flavours of the ice cream chocolate, van...

Easy Spicy Chilli Bean Burgers

I am a veggie that lives with carnivores, having said that they don’t have meat every night, actually sometimes not every week. When they have something meaty I will try and adapt the meal for me or vice versa. Recently they we...


Scrabble tile letters Valentine toppers

I have a bag of Scrabble tiles that come out occasionally for adding to photo’s, which I really like the look of. Then the other day I saw a beautiful wedding cake that had used them, well a sugarpaste version, which looked ama...

Chocolate Chip Swirl Buns

I had a few egg yolks left over after making loads of macarons recently. I froze them in batches mixed with a little sugar and labels on as my memory is dreadful! Well, I decided to make buns with some egg yolk enriched dough. ...


Christmas Muffins

I decided to make some muffins with a Christmas inspired taste. The smell of spices will fill your kitchen and then you get to scoff the labours of your hard work, perfect! You can vary the spices and fruit to your taste or wha...

Pecan and Maple Shortbread Hearts

  I just love pecan nuts and maple syrup together. Always reminds me of Autumn for some reason…… I decided to add the flavours to shortbread, perfect with my cuppa!     Conversion chart if you’re not metric via D...