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Rhubarb Flapjack Slices

rhubarb flapjack slicesI grow a few rhubarb plants in one of my raised beds. Last year the poor things had all their light pinched by my grapevine so we had a very small crop, this year they have fared a lot better albeit a tad later then most!


I decided to give them a whirl with a flapjack style bake, well they are scrummy!


The idea was really that they are portable unlike the usual crumbles, ice cream etc I make with rhubarb, as we are out and about a bit this weekend. I have another recipe that is great too, Rhubarb Crumble Muffins, my recipe for those is here http://www.goodtoknow.co.uk/recipes/530429/rhubarb-crumble-muffins


Printable recipe here

Rhubarb Flapjack Slices


375g oats

50g ground almonds

1 tsp ground ginger

250g rhubarb washed, peeled (if needed) & chopped to approx 0.5cm cubed

85g soft brown sugar

150g butter

60g golden syrup

rhubarb flapjack slices2Preheat oven to 190°C (fan 170°C)

Grease a traybake tin, mine was 29cm x 21cm

In a bowl place the oats, almonds & ginger.

Add the butter, sugar, syrup & rhubarb to a large saucepan. Place over a medium heat and stir occasionally, remove from the heat when the butter has melted. Add the oats mix into the butter mix and stir through well.

Place in the traybake tin and press the mix down evenly. Bake for about 20 minutes until golden all over. Place the tray on a cooling rack and mark out where you want to cut the slices with a knife while they still warm. Leave to cool in the tin then enjoy! Will keep for a few days in a tin.


rhubarb flapjack slice