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Easy Brownie Pops

Brownies are a huge favourite for my family & friends so they get made on a fairly regular basis. I just love the squishy deep chocolate chunks of gorgeousness! They are great with a cup of coffee, wonderful as a dessert he...

Butterscotch Apple Meringue

  We’ve had a sort out in the house & loft recently and I came across a pile of Gavin’s Nans recipes which we had found stashed in the back of a cookery book. I try and be organised with recipes but have them on scraps...


Rustic Apple & Cinnamon Cakes

Apples are in huge supply at the moment so I’ve been making the most of them and using them alot. Several local folk have kindly shared their harvest and I’ve had a constant supply for weeks! This recipe was one of those I can’...

Happy Accident Honeycomb Biscuits

I really like trying new recipe ideas and the odd bit of experimental baking. This has varying degrees of success but nothing ventured nothing gained………… I had an idea I fancied trying, making a honeycomb macaron style thing an...