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I ♥ Italy

Pecan & Maple Syrup Biscotti

  I love biscotti! I made chocolate ones a while back and they were delicious & surprisingly easy to make. This time I really fancied making them with that fab combination of maple syrup & pecan nuts.   They a...

Dough Balls (plain & stuffed)

I love making dough balls. They are easy to make and tasty and can be customised to suit!   I use my breadmaker to mix the dough and do the first rise. You could mix by hand just remember the dough will need to go in an oi...


Wake Up & Taste The Coffee Biscuits

I love coffee & coffee flavoured treats too. I realised the other day I haven’t ever had coffee flavoured biscuits (if I have they were clearly not very memorable). So clearly I needed to fix this missing item in my life! T...