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Easy Spicy Chilli Bean Burgers

I am a veggie that lives with carnivores, having said that they don’t have meat every night, actually sometimes not every week. When they have something meaty I will try and adapt the meal for me or vice versa. Recently they we...

Scrabble tile letters Valentine toppers

I have a bag of Scrabble tiles that come out occasionally for adding to photo’s, which I really like the look of. Then the other day I saw a beautiful wedding cake that had used them, well a sugarpaste version, which looked ama...


Chickens! Here come the girls……………..

We used to keep chickens when I was young, lots in a large run. I’ve always wanted to have a few but after seeing that a local farm was rehoming a large batch, the decision was made. Now our garden is by no means large, b...

Nákd Bars put to the test

A few weeks back I received an emailed from a distribution company asking if I’d like to try some healthy snack bars. I get a few offers of food & food related things to test and sometimes I don’t feel they are ...


Enough Food For Everyone IF

As you probably know I am passionate about food, the thought that people in the world are dying from hunger is appalling and very wrong. Please support the Save the Children campaign by signing the petition & spreading the ...

Sam’s Slush Margaritas

Years & years ago we brought or were given a bottle of tequila, we made tequila sun rises which are fab but I fancied making margaritas after lots of tries at different methods this was the result! They are slush puppy like...