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Chocolate Chip Swirl Buns

I had a few egg yolks left over after making loads of macarons recently. I froze them in batches mixed with a little sugar and labels on as my memory is dreadful! Well, I decided to make buns with some egg yolk enriched dough. ...

Christmas Muffins

I decided to make some muffins with a Christmas inspired taste. The smell of spices will fill your kitchen and then you get to scoff the labours of your hard work, perfect! You can vary the spices and fruit to your taste or wha...


Tiffin Cupcakes

Easy to make and delicious to eat, tiffin is perfect for an afternoon perk up with a cuppa. I decided to make an individual sized portion, no cutting and they look like cupcakes too! The mixed spice is an optional extra which m...