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I ♥ Italy

Nectarine & Amaretto Sorbet

Some things just remind you of summer and care free times, or may be it’s just the alcohol in this that does it! This bottle of Amaretto was brought on our first wedding anniversary in Sorrento, total bliss and after several (!...

Lemon & Elderflower Sandwich Biscuits

These little cuties used some of the Elderflower Cordial I made recently. They really do taste like summer to me. Of course you can use brought cordial, which means you can taste and dream of summer all year (which I do…..) Per...

Special days

Elderflower Cordial, Summer Picnic Party!

Elderflower, the smell & taste always reminds me of summer. Perfect for alfresco dining & picnics! So I thought that it would be ideal to join in the blog Summer Picnic Party that Hani & Beth have organised. All the...
Foodie Penpals

June Foodie Parcel

  Well it’s that time again, so exciting to receive such a lovely thing through the post!   This is a scheme where you send out a parcel to your foodie “penpal” and receive one back from someone else, details here &nb...


Neapolitan Coconut Ice

I love coconut but don’t often use it. It’s been years since I made coconut ice and I thought I’d try and make an easy, quick and delicious recipe which means I won’t leave it years until I make another batch!   What spurr...

Coconut & Lemon Cake

Found myself with a lemon that needed using, well that’s all  the excuse I needed to make this! I love lemon & I love coconut, so this was a sweet delight. I actually found it tasted better the day after it was made, of cou...

Foodie Penpals

May Foodie Penpal Parcel

  As you may remember I joined the Foodie Penpal Scheme recently, detaills if you’d like to find out more Foodie Penpals     This gorgeous box of delights came from Lucy, her blog is here     As you may...
Special days

The Treehouse Lunch Experience

Fanny’s Farm Shop I was recently lucky enough to have afternoon tea in the Treehouse at Fanny’s Farm, Merstham, Surrey. It’s actually not far from where I live but I’d never vis...