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Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits with Vanilla Mallow Filling

Perfect with a cuppa and friends or an afternoon treat to keep you focused, these are lovely! The mallow filling is so lush and squidgy (you will get messy), also amazing on and in big cakes and sublime on cupcakes. Best eaten ...

Bakewell Heart Biscuits

A nice biscuit recipe for any time but as it’s Valentine’s day soon I think I’ll be making these for someone……..♥ The texture is light, crumbly and melt in the mouth. Add the jam of your choice, my honey likes strawberry, so I ...


Chocolate and a Bit Boozy “Salami” Roll

Chocolate and a Bit Boozy Salami This is a delight to eat and so easy to make. Lovely with a coffee after a meal or an afternoon perk up! Also, it’s very forgiving, so a great way to use up the last few nuts in a bag or a packe...

Blackberry Mojito Fruit Rolls

Blackberry Mojito Fruit Rolls Blackberry Mojito Fruit Rolls 325g blackberries, washed and dried 1 tsp lime juice 1 tbsp white rum 1 or 2 small mint leaves Golden or maple syrup or honey to taste A grown up version of fruit wind...


Blackcurrant Seeded Bars

This year has seen a bumper crop of berries in the garden. I’ve never had more then a handful of blackcurrants until now, we have loads and I wanted to make something with them. I’m not a huge fan of blackcurrant fl...

Malteser Truffles

I decided to make something sweet for Father’s Day and these popped in my mind as worth experimenting with. It took 3 goes to get the consistency right, the first 2 being too soft, they make a fantastic sauce for ice cream when...


Chocolate Carrot Cupcakes

I really like carrot cake and I like chocolate so to combine the two has to be a win win! I made these in cupcake cases then remembered I had the little silicon plant pots which suit them perfectly! My lovely daughter made the ...
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Food Photography Workshop

Great food deserves some great photos and that’s what you’ll be taking on this food photography workshop. If you’re a home baker, food blogger or just like to share your best bakes on social media then this wo...