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Coffee Drizzle Cake

  I do love a coffee cake but don’t make them often as I’m the only one here that likes them, which means I end up eating most (by most I mean all) of it! I decided a cake crossed with a sugary drizzle topping ...

Daim Mousse Shots

I had an idea this would be rather fabulous if it worked……and it did! I wasn’t convinced the Daim (well they used to be Dime in the UK back in the day, apparently that changed in 2005!) would melt, of course t...


White Chocolate and Cherry Fudge

White Chocolate and Cherry Fudge I love fudge, it makes a great gift and will keep well. Here’s a variation I tried recently which went down well. White Chocolate and Cherry Fudge Makes 50-60 bite sized pieces Ingredients...

Easy Banoffee Pavlova

An easy pudding to satisfy that sweet tooth! I usually have a can or jar of caramel in the cupboard as well as double cream in the fridge and having chickens means eggs are always on hand too. Perfect, add bananas and we’...


Malt Loaf

Malt Loaf One of our favourites here, but not too squidgy like the shop bought ones. Lasts several days (well if it doesn’t get eaten), I think the flavour deepens after a day or so. Delicious spread with butter and a cup of te...

Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits with Vanilla Mallow Filling

Perfect with a cuppa and friends or an afternoon treat to keep you focused, these are lovely! The mallow filling is so lush and squidgy (you will get messy), also amazing on and in big cakes and sublime on cupcakes. Best eaten ...


Bakewell Heart Biscuits

A nice biscuit recipe for any time but as it’s Valentine’s day soon I think I’ll be making these for someone……..♥ The texture is light, crumbly and melt in the mouth. Add the jam of your choice, my honey likes strawberry, so I ...

Chocolate and a Bit Boozy “Salami” Roll

Chocolate and a Bit Boozy Salami This is a delight to eat and so easy to make. Lovely with a coffee after a meal or an afternoon perk up! Also, it’s very forgiving, so a great way to use up the last few nuts in a bag or a packe...