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Heart Centre Cupcakes

Posted by on February 1, 2012

heart cakeI saw this lovely idea a while back and thought they would be great for Valentines Day. I really should have had a look at how they were made, but thought ‘hey it can’t be that hard’!


It was just a little bit time consuming with a bit of planning needed but I was pleased with the results overall.



pink cakeI decided I would make the centre coloured cake and bake it almost all the way through. Allowed it to cool. I should have placed it on grease proof paper on the cooling rack, as it sunk into the tram lines on as it was slightly under done!




I then cut the heart shape with a cutter, I really could’ve done with red heartsone in between the sizes I had (always the way) but I also thought I’d hedge my bets and make a few different sized ones to experiment with. I had made 2 8” sponges of slightly different degrees of pinkness, so made a few to fit inside of each other, just to try stuff out. I had loads of rather pink cake left and made some cake pops & cake balls by adding buttercream and squishing them together, nice!



heart cakesI whipped up a vanilla cake mix and then put a blob in the cupcake cases I stood the hearts upright in the blob. I made sure they were all positioned the same way. Then filled in around them with cake mix. I thought I’d make some higher then others and see which worked best. I baked them as normal until firm.



I made sure when they were transferred to the cooling rack that they all were removed and placed the same way round to ensure the heart was in the right way for slicing through. This was fine with some as the heart was poking up still (good job I was planning on icing them then!) I made a sign indicating which way round they were (I know sad……)

heart cake pre cutI then used a buttercream icing making sure I put a dab either side where the knife should cut through the cake to expose the heart in all it’s glory!

I used a vanilla cupcake recipe, here’s the one I used 
just leave out the Dulce de Leche (or not, up to you!)

For the pink/red cake I used 115g sr flour, caster sugar & butter, 2 eggs, 3/4 tsp vanilla extract & red food paste gel baked in 2 8” round pans.

Smaller heart used in this one, ooops a tad wonky!

small heart

10 Responses to Heart Centre Cupcakes

  1. sue slade

    Absolutely amazing Sam – they look stunning

    • Sam

      Thanks Sue, that’s so nice of you. Hope you get chance to give them a go! :)

  2. jessica

    deffinetly tryimg these tomorrowww!!!
    welldone :)

  3. Stefanie

    These are adorable! Love your explanation of how to do it. Very helpful! Very festive and tasty looking :)

  4. Ruth

    These are so cute! Wish I’d seen your site before Valentines day! Lol *kicks self* This is a wonderful effect that could be used with many small cutters so definately want to try it sometime:-) I am thinking about branching out on cupcakes and cakepops because I’m struggling rolling marzipan and sugarpaste to cover larger cakes due permanent damage from a badly broken wrist (4 operations couldn’t fix it:-( I manage making models so think cupcakesand pops are the way forward! Thank you for sharing this sweetie:-) Hopefully cupcakes won’t hurt my wrist so much:-) takes the pleasure away when it hurts:-( I feel hopeful again and see a trip to the supermarket for cakey supplies next week:-) it’s nice to be excited about cakes again *yay* xoxoxoxoxox

    • Sam

      Thanks Ruth, sorry to hear about your wrist. Hopefully cupcakes & smaller bakes will fill the hole left not being able to tackle a large cake. There’s a lot of chance for artist creations with them so I have every confidence you’ll enjoy it! :)

  5. Beverley

    Not sad (sign at which way the cupcakes are facing) I would do the same sad thing too! Oh was the sign an arrow? xoxo

    • Sam

      Glad I’m not alone then Beverley! Yes an arrow type thing so I knew where to slice to get the hearts best side :)

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