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Biscuit Necklaces (perfect for rainy days)

It was Frey’s birthday this week and she wanted a sleepover with a few of her closest friends. I thought she may like a few things to keep them amused (and stop them texting for a few brief moments!) So I asked if she thought t...

Raspberry & Almond Mini Macaroons

This recipe is being donated to the Save the Children & the Hidden Hunger campaign, Name the Day Challenge details here, via Ruth Clemens (The Pink Whisk). An incredibly worthwhile cause, I am thrilled to do something to he...


Millionaires Mousse Pud

I just lurve millionaires shortbread. If you’re follower on my Facebook page you’ll know that I have a little stack of them as my profile pic! (Facebook link on the right of the page) I decided to turn that concept into more of...

Heart Centre Cupcakes

I saw this lovely idea a while back and thought they would be great for Valentines Day. I really should have had a look at how they were made, but thought ‘hey it can’t be that hard’!   It was just a little bit time consum...


Baileys Truffles

I was recently given a truffle recipe by the lovely lady running a marzipan shaping day I attended. She had made a batch for us to eat and gave out the recipe. The thing that I liked (apart from the taste of course) was that th...

Paul Hollywood Competition win!

I was recently one of the extremely lucky winners of a recipe competition. The amazing prize was to have a baking session with Paul Hollywood in London, where I would bake my recipe and he would share baking tips & tricks w...

I ♥ Italy

Candied Peel

I thought I’d give this a go as I haven’t tried to make them before and they make nice little gifts or after dinner treats. It’s pretty straightforward just a little time consuming. They’re really moreish, so be warned!   ...

Easy Brownie Pops

Brownies are a huge favourite for my family & friends so they get made on a fairly regular basis. I just love the squishy deep chocolate chunks of gorgeousness! They are great with a cup of coffee, wonderful as a dessert he...


Butterscotch Apple Meringue

  We’ve had a sort out in the house & loft recently and I came across a pile of Gavin’s Nans recipes which we had found stashed in the back of a cookery book. I try and be organised with recipes but have them on scraps...