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Vanilla, chocolate and Peanut Butter Marble Cake

I love marble cake, so easy to make and even easier to eat! I haven’t made it for ages though and thought I’d have a go making one with an extra flavour element to it. Vanilla, chocolate and peanut butter go so well together, not one flavour over powers the other and this is the … Continue reading »

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Lemon Meringue Flapjacks

I love lemony things and thought a lemon flapjack would be something worth trying out, I decided to add some meringue and also a drizzle of icing, these went down a treat! My family are not over keen on lemon flavour but Gav is always a willing volunteer and actually really liked them, I didn’t … Continue reading »

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Tiffin Cupcakes

Easy to make and delicious to eat, tiffin is perfect for an afternoon perk up with a cuppa. I decided to make an individual sized portion, no cutting and they look like cupcakes too! The mixed spice is an optional extra which makes them a bit of a Christmas taste, you could always soak the … Continue reading »

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Have been meaning to make these for about a week, ready for Halloween and by the skin of my teeth I managed to get them ready before the doorbell rings with trick and treaters! You could add these brains to cupcakes, biscuits or traybakes. I thought brownies worked well and then you can call them … Continue reading »

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Nectarine & Amaretto Sorbet

Some things just remind you of summer and care free times, or may be it’s just the alcohol in this that does it! This bottle of Amaretto was brought on our first wedding anniversary in Sorrento, total bliss and after several (!) years we still haven’t drunk it all, quite amazing really! We just happened … Continue reading »

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Lemon & Elderflower Sandwich Biscuits

These little cuties used some of the Elderflower Cordial I made recently. They really do taste like summer to me. Of course you can use brought cordial, which means you can taste and dream of summer all year (which I do…..) Perfect in the garden with a cuppa! Printable recipe:   here Lemon & Elderflower … Continue reading »

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Elderflower Cordial, Summer Picnic Party!

Elderflower, the smell & taste always reminds me of summer. Perfect for alfresco dining & picnics! So I thought that it would be ideal to join in the blog Summer Picnic Party that Hani & Beth have organised. All the other picnic peeps lovely posts are further down the page and are so inspiring and … Continue reading »

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Neapolitan Coconut Ice

I love coconut but don’t often use it. It’s been years since I made coconut ice and I thought I’d try and make an easy, quick and delicious recipe which means I won’t leave it years until I make another batch!   What spurred me on to make this now was this months Foodie Penpal … Continue reading »

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Doughnuts & Vanilla Cream

  The lovely Hani recently asked if I would join her making doughnuts, errrm well let me see…..of course! Love her, love doughnuts it’s a no brainer!   So here are my sweet offerings. My two love jam but I thought I’d try something a bit different inside, actually this is total heaven and … Continue reading »

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Sugar Art Hearts (perfect for Valentine’s Day)

I’ve had this idea of heating sugar to get that glassy/jewel look for a while. Well at last I gave it a go. Three attempts in and I produced these beauties. Three attempts because I tried a sort of freehand heart a few times first and that didn’t go too well. I adore them. I … Continue reading »

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