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Basic White Bread

I make quite a bit of bread, it’s one of those things that gets devoured really quickly round these parts! I often get asked for a recipe and this is the one I use and sometimes make look fancy (well I try!) and sometimes add d...
I ♥ Italy

Sam’s kitchen Gnocchi

Gnocchi (little potato clouds) I made these for the first time many years ago and we all love them, they’re great with a sauce or really plain with olive oil and black pepper. Serve as a starter or main, really versatile ...


Parmesan & Sundried Tomato Scones

I was recently having a little afternoon tea for a family getogether and thought I’d make some savoury scones for a change. I decided to include some of my favourite things, cheese & tomatoes. The results tasted absolutely ...

Recipe Challenge eBook

A few months ago I sent off one of my recipes to the lovely Ruth Clemens to be put with a collection of delicious recipes from other amazing food bloggers in her eBook for Save the Children who Ru...


Veggie Curry Soup

I just love to make soups during the chilly UK winters. They are forgiving, versatile & tasty. They use up what you have at the time and freeze well. Nutritious, packed full of goodness, do you get the idea I love soup! Her...

Dough Balls (plain & stuffed)

I love making dough balls. They are easy to make and tasty and can be customised to suit!   I use my breadmaker to mix the dough and do the first rise. You could mix by hand just remember the dough will need to go in an oi...