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Lamington Biscuits

I’ve made lamingtons in the past, I’m a big fan, I really love coconut and with the chocolate it’s a win win! I thought a biscuit version would be nice, incorporating vanilla, coconut and chocolate flavours. The biscuit is buttery and light, Viennese style. I used coconut, toasted coconut and crushed amaretti biscuits for toppings, … Continue reading »

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Lemon Meringue Flapjacks

I love lemony things and thought a lemon flapjack would be something worth trying out, I decided to add some meringue and also a drizzle of icing, these went down a treat! My family are not over keen on lemon flavour but Gav is always a willing volunteer and actually really liked them, I didn’t … Continue reading »

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Tiffin Cupcakes

Easy to make and delicious to eat, tiffin is perfect for an afternoon perk up with a cuppa. I decided to make an individual sized portion, no cutting and they look like cupcakes too! The mixed spice is an optional extra which makes them a bit of a Christmas taste, you could always soak the … Continue reading »

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Oaty Coconut Crunch Cookies

I had a bit of a craving recently for a crunchy cookie with oats and coconut, I seem to remember years and years ago making something scrummy with oil and not butter so felt the need to create them again!   I had some wheatgerm in the cupboard so decided to add some, it is … Continue reading »

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Lemon & Elderflower Sandwich Biscuits

These little cuties used some of the Elderflower Cordial I made recently. They really do taste like summer to me. Of course you can use brought cordial, which means you can taste and dream of summer all year (which I do…..) Perfect in the garden with a cuppa! Printable recipe:   here Lemon & Elderflower … Continue reading »

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Cappuccino Biscuits

I love coffee but rarely make coffee flavoured things as I am surrounded by tea drinkers (I love tea too!) I suppose that is the perfect excuse to make something and scoff the lot really! Anyway, in need of a coffee fix I made these which to my surprise were rather liked by Gav (darn … Continue reading »

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Chilli Chocolate Cookies

Thought I’d add a little chilli to my cookies to see what a kick you’d get! Well I like it, tried them out on quite a few peeps and it’s a bit of a Marmite effect (you either love it or hate it!) For me the kick comes at the end and is a good … Continue reading »

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Dog Biscuits

For the last few years I’ve been making these biscuits for my parents dog Charley for Christmas. He’s a fussy little beggar but he seems to really like these! I usually put them in a jar and they will last for several weeks that way. Dog Biscuits 200ml Very hot water (not boiling or you … Continue reading »

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Lemony Whirls

I love the citrus zing of lemon or lime in cakes & biscuits, so decided to use my last lemon up on something special before it got that tired look in my fruit bowl! They kind of melt in the mouth and are rather moreish as they’re not overly sweet. I quite like the idea … Continue reading »

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Sams Kitchen Bourbon Biscuits

These have been one of my all time favourites for a while, they seem to be the perfect partner with a cuppa. With the nationwide event that is the Macmillan Big Coffee Morning on Friday September 28th 2012 I would like to ask you a favour, if you would like the recipe then please leave … Continue reading »

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