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Doughnuts & Vanilla Cream

  The lovely Hani recently asked if I would join her making doughnuts, errrm well let me see…..of course! Love her, love doughnuts it’s a no brainer!   So here are my sweet offerings. My two love jam but I thought I’d try something a bit different inside, actually this is total heaven and … Continue reading »

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Basic White Bread

I make quite a bit of bread, it’s one of those things that gets devoured really quickly round these parts! I often get asked for a recipe and this is the one I use and sometimes make look fancy (well I try!) and sometimes add different ingredients to (herbs or seeds etc) and sometimes use … Continue reading »

Categories: Bread, Savoury | 2 Comments

Christmas Tree Buns

I had this idea a few nights ago, you know when you can’t get back to sleep and keep thinking about food, or is that just me……….. These are basically a batch of Chelsea buns made all Christmasy. I think they’d make a great centre piece for a gathering or party. Believe me they won’t … Continue reading »

Categories: Bread, Christmas, Sweet | 2 Comments

Parmesan & Sundried Tomato Scones

I was recently having a little afternoon tea for a family getogether and thought I’d make some savoury scones for a change. I decided to include some of my favourite things, cheese & tomatoes. The results tasted absolutely scrummy! My friend Dor suggested spreading them with Philadelphia, well it’s a match made in heaven! … Continue reading »

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Recipe Challenge eBook

A few months ago I sent off one of my recipes to the lovely Ruth Clemens to be put with a collection of delicious recipes from other amazing food bloggers in her eBook for Save the Children who Ruth has been working closely with.   Well, the eBook looks fabulous and is ready to be … Continue reading »

Categories: Biscuits, Bread, Cakes, Pudding, Savoury | 4 Comments

Coconut Scones

I love scones and I love coconut so what not to like with these! This is based on the fab Delia Smith Scone recipe I always use. I recently made some Lime Curd which I found went perfectly with the scones. I’ll add that recipe to the bottom so you can give that a whirl … Continue reading »

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Cinnamon Tear & Share Mini Rolls

We are a cinnamon & bread loving household, bring the 2 together and it can only be brilliant!     These lasted literally about 5 minutes, amazing I managed to get any photos at all. Print out recipe here   Ingredients 250g strong white flour 1 tsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 1 tsp cinnamon ½ … Continue reading »

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Cinnamon Scones

m4s0n501 I love scones! Heaven with clotted cream & jam mmmmmmmm.   Thought I’d make a slight adjustment and have a go at adding a cinnamon touch, the results were fab!   I use Delias Buttermilk scones recipe It never fails, they also freeze well so are a good standby too. I added 2 … Continue reading »

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Cinnamon, Cherry & Raisin Ring

  When Gav asked for Chelsea buns the other day I thought I’d make something along those lines but slightly different.   This is an altered recipe from Jennie Shapters book Bread Machine. I have used the book loads over the years. It does just flop open on the ciabatta page which is a huge … Continue reading »

Categories: Bread, Cakes, Christmas | 1 Comment

Dough Balls (plain & stuffed)

I love making dough balls. They are easy to make and tasty and can be customised to suit!   I use my breadmaker to mix the dough and do the first rise. You could mix by hand just remember the dough will need to go in an oiled bowl and be loosely covered and left … Continue reading »

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